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Classic Comfort Food

First day of school blues? Happens to us all...what's the cure? Comfort food of course! Though, I'm fairly certain the right meal is the cure for anything that ails you. It's what Momma would say.

So, Beef Bourguignon, sounds fancy right? Technically it is, but anything is approachable when made for the crockpot. Here is my easy peasy ultimate beef comfort meal.

Beef Bourguignon in Crock Pot with Mashed Potatoes

Bacon 5-6 strips

Stewing Beef 2 pounds, diced up

Flour as needed to coat beef

Olive Oil 2-3 Tbl

Onion 1/2 C , small diced

Carrot 1/2 C, small diced

Celery 1/2 C, small diced

Mushrooms 8 oz, small diced

Pearl Onions 1 bag

Thyme, fresh 5-6 sprigs, picked and chopped

Creole Seasoning as needed

Garlic 3 cloves, minced

Tomato Paste 1 Tbl, heaping

Diced Tomatoes 1/2 can

Red Wine 3 C

Beef Stock 2 C

Butter 2 Tbl

Sautee bacon, remove from pan and put into crock pot.

Season beef pieces with salt, creole seasoning and toss in flour to coat. Sear in bacon fat in hot pan, once lightly brown remove from pan and add to crock pot. Depending on your size pan this step can be done in multiple batches as to not over crowd the pan.

Once all the beef is done in the same pan add 1 Tbl more olive oil and sautee mushrooms and the vegetables. Add thyme and season with salt and creole.

Once veggies are nearly done add garlic and sautee briefly. Add tomato paste and diced tomatoes. Keep pan on high heat and deglaze with wine, be sure to scrape up all bits on the bottom of pan. (Mind the steam!!)

Pour veggie mix over beef in crockpot. Cover with stock. Meat mixture should be nearly completely covered in liquid. Set crockpot on low for 6-8 hours (overnight.)

Remove pieces from juice and strain the juice. Simmer the juice on high heat and skim the fat. Add butter once mixture has thickened. Pour sauce back over meat and veggies. Serve over mashed potatoes/ rice/ or buttered noodles.

Now sit and enjoy the comfort of tender beef and creamy mashed potatoes! Sure to cure those back to school blues:)

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