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Jennifer A. Hough-Loos

Owner/ Pâtissière

Jennifer A. Hough-Loos is the sole proprietor and pâtissière of Bear Creek Road, LLC.  She began her career at the age of sixteen by selling her home baked pies and cheeseackes for a local hometown restaurant. 

After earning a Bachelors in Business Administration at Mississippi State University, Hough-Loos decided to further her early chosen culinary career path.  She elected to broaden her knowledge of the pastry arts taught to her by famliy by graduating from the Culinary Institute of America with an Associated of Occupational Studies in Baking and Pastry Arts.

After completing an externship as John Besh's Restaurant August in New Orleans, Louisiana, Hough-Loos returned to the esteemed restaurant as a pastry cook and soon moved up the ranks to become the Pastry Chef.

Hough-loos traveled to France twice, to Dijon and Provence to study and cook in the traditional manner in which she learned.  

Upon relocating to the North Shore, Hough-Loos began taking regular pastry orders and started organizing Bear Creek Road, LLC in earnest.  She also became the Pastry Sous Chef at the local Cocoa Bean Bakery and Cafe to expand her knowledge in a bakery, a very different world from a restaurant.

Now, Hough-Loos creates her pastries and art work from home, selling online and at the Covington Farmer's Market while caring for her young daughter and son.

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