Pies of the Month

Every month receive an artisinal pie with a short story of the key ingredient or history of the pie itself

January: Orange Ricotta Tart with Coconut

February: Vanilla and Hazelnut Expresso Pie

March: Raspberry Cream Danish Pie with Lemon and White Chocolate

April: Lemon Ricotta Pastiera Pie

May: Chocolate Mint Julep Pie

June: Fig and Blackberry Almond Cream Cheese Pie

July: Peach and Honey Thyme Upside-down Pie

August: Drunken Cherry Chocolate Ricotta Pie

September: Pear and Goat Cheese Mousse Crostata

October: Pumpkin S'mores Pie

November: Apple Toffee Pie

December:  White Christmas Raspberry Truffle Pie